Computer Science and Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering Lab.

The department of Computer Science and Engineering has 6 fully Air-conditioned computer labs, 375 latest Intel core i3/i5 computers running Linux/Windows Operating Systems and a 2 server rooms containing Rack servers (blade server). The department is providing sufficient computing facility for the students offering excellent training in computer programming. All these computing resources are inter-connected with high speed intranet having 50 Mbps Internet connectivity to the outside world. The lab is adequately supported by peripherals like DMP, Printers, Scanners and more.

  • C & DS, OOPS, CAD/CAM Laboratory (LAB – 1)
  • Python, DBMS, OS ADSA Laboratory (LAB – 2)
  • AI, Big Data, CN & Web Technology Laboratory (LAB – 3)
  • SE, ST, Business Analytics, ITM, (LAB – 4)
  • IOT Laboratory (LAB – 5)
  • IT Workshop Laboratory (LAB-6)
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