Electrical and Electronics Engineering


Electrical circuits & Simulation Lab

The objective of the Electrical Circuits lab is to expose the students to electrical circuits and give them a very basic skill set needed by all who want to major in electronics, instrumentation, or electrical engineering. This lab aims at equipping students with the analysis and techniques that will be used throughout the engineering curriculum.

Electrical Machines Lab

This is the main lab where experiments like load tests on various machines, speed control tests, open circuit tests, short circuit tests, etc. are carried out. And also, a wide variety of practical experiments are performed here with different rotating machines. The laboratory is also used for research activities in machines and to carry out project work on energy conversion.

Control Systems Lab

The Control Systems Lab contains a variety of laboratory equipment used in the design and experimentation of digital and analogue electromechanical feedback control systems.

Electrical Measurements Lab

Measurement of different electrical and electronic parameters such as voltage, current, power, energy, resistance, inductance, capacitance, etc. is performed in the Electrical Measurement laboratory. Measurement of current and voltage using an instrument transformer is an important feature of this laboratory.

Power Electronics Lab

The power electronics lab enhances the EEE students’ understanding of the concepts and workings of advanced power semiconductor devices and power electronics circuits.

Power Systems & Simulation Lab

The lab is able to ensure the testing and verification of automation and relay protection algorithms, software and hardware, and can serve as the basis to get students’ practical skills, which are necessary for the development and operation of power automation systems.

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