Placement Process

  • Few short-listed companies are sent invites by post or electronic mail of On-Campus Recruitments along with Campus Placement Registration Form.
  • Companies send the duly filled Campus Placement Registration Form by post or email to the Training and Placement Office after which an optimum slot is allocated to the firm.
  • Interested students apply to the T&P department once the details of the Company are informed (as given in Campus Placement Registration Form) and the same is communicated to the company.
  • If needed, Resumes of the applicants are made available for short listing by the company concerned.
  • The Company visits the Campus on the scheduled date for a Presentation. The On-Campus procedure may be held on the same day or on a later date, if collection of Resumes needs to be done in person.
  • The company is expected to furnish the final list of selects on the day of the On-Campus Process. If this is not possible, then the T&P department should be notified beforehand.
  • Once a student is selected in one company he/she will not be allowed to appear for other companies’ interviews as per the Recruitment Policy.
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