Industrial Visit Report
An Industrial visit for the students of II MBA, CBIT, was organized from 8/06/2022 to 10/06/2022. As part of this, Students visited Bulls Machines Pvt Ltd located in Chinthamanipudur, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

Objectives of the Visit :

  1. To provide practical orientation to the students about various functional departments of an Organisation. (Bulls Machines Pvt Ltd)
  2. To enhance their knowledge and abilities relevant to their area of specialization

With this industrial visit, students came to know about history and expansion of Bulls Machines Pvt Ltd., since establishment of the company. Mr.P. THYAGA RAJAN, HR(Bulls machines Pvt Ltd), accompanied with students throughout the Visit and explained about
Manufacturing - From where they are purchasing Material and other components required to manufacture the machines,
Assembly - How the material and all other components assembled in different stages during manufacturing process ,  and

Testing process (To ensure that the machines manufactured as per the standards prescribed) before the machines sold to the customers

He further explained about the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of the machines manufactured by them.

At the end of the visit Mr. G. VIJAY KUMAR, GM (Bulls machines Pvt Ltd), interacted with the students and has given answers to the questions raised by the students.
During the interaction with the students, he has given details such as  
Marketing - (In how many countries that they are selling their machines & The No of machines sold on an average in a year
STP (Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning) - How they are identifying and Positining their products to the target customers
Strategies being followed for Promoting their products
After sales services (To ensure fair Customer Relationships),other operations and future plans of the firm.
All the Students attended the visit felt happy and expressed their gratitude to the management of Bulls machines Pvt.Ltd, and to the HOD, (MBA dept), Principal and the Chairman of CBIT for arranging this visit.